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Insights: 27th April 2012

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Big data has big implications for customer experience management

Although many of us will now be familiar with the term 'cloud computing', how many have heard about 'big data'? This article discussed the implcations and value if data oversight and integration and how ultimately, it should help to drive greater customer centricity. Looking across multiple data stream can add immense value however, history teaches us that the more complex that you make things, the more likely they are to drag=on and/or ultimately fail. This is why NPS provides a simple yet value adding point for most organisation.

17/4/2012 Customerthink

Business Etiquette: 5 rules that matter

A nice short reminder of a few business pointers. There will be nothing new to anyone reading this but it serves as a reminder of just how easy it is to overlook the valuable basics, when embroiled in the day-to-day activities.

17/4/2012 Inc

Compete on Know-Why, Not Know-How

So many businesses have latched onto the view that they need to demonstrate their know-how to clients, indeed seeing this as a useful USP. This article challenges the thinking and reinforces the need to actually understand the why versus just the how. Understanding 'why' provides the basis framework to help businesses begin to align vision to strategy to activities.

12/4/2012 HBR

Better ways of doing business: Creating Shared Value

Mark Kramer explains how CSV goes beyond sustainability by using business resources to drive social progress, profitably.  What you see depends on where you look. That is the key to creating shared value. Shared value redirects the gaze of corporate, NGO and government leaders, enabling them to see new opportunities for private enterprise to solve public problems. Engaging business as business, not as a charitable donor, nor through public relations, is one of the most powerful forces we have for social progress.

26/4/2012 The Guardian

10 Things to Know about Net Promoter Scores and the User Experience

Increasingly companies are adopting the Net Promoter Score as the corporate metric. In many companies, all metrics, including user experience metrics, should roll up to the Net Promoter Score. The article gives ten great tips.

24/4/2012 Measuring Usability

The Competitive Advantage Of Gaining Customers' Trust Early

A great interview with Don Peppers (of Peppers & Rodgers fame) who talks about how important trust is for customers.  He continures that trust is like a lubricant for interactions. It makes things more efficient.  So if we trust someone in interacting with them, we don't have to call a lawyer to do the due diligence inquiry, We don’t have to have this iron-tight contract, or have use the time necessary to validate that he's actually got the material on hand. There's less time and effort required and the interaction can go forward much faster, whether that's a purchase or an exchange of information.

26/4/2012 FastCompany

The Key To A Great Meeting Is Kicking Some People Out Of It

Some great tips on forming meetings.  The small-group principle is deeply woven into the religion of simplicity. It’s key to Apple’s ongoing success and key to any organization that wants to nurture quality thinking. The idea is pretty basic: Everyone in the room should be there for a reason. There’s no such thing as a “mercy invitation.” Either you’re critical to the meeting or you’re not. It’s nothing personal, just business.

26/4/2012 FastCompany